Join – 93% Reused

Join , a modular shelving system, made of wood planks connected by special aluminum joints. The shelves are made of old furniture, closets and doors. The 'joints' were especially designed for Miklum, in a fair-trade process in Germany. They are made of 100% aluminum, and are recyclable in their next life.

The Join is completely modular, and can be adjusted to any size and use – width, height and depth. It can be situated in the center of a room, or against a wall.

The Join shelves are available in a range of colors, as well as in their natural format. When left un-colored, the shelves reflect the original material from which they are made, and the usage signs are visible. These signs give the product character and make it special, emphasizing it being made of used material, and make each system one of a kind.

Designed by Studio Danaszbourski.