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ReNEWvative* Product Design (*Renewed and Innovative)

Miklum design home and office furniture, while offering solutions to waste. We develop production lines processing different waste - wood, plastic bags, cardboard and more. All stages - waste collection, sorting, cleaning, manufacturing - are done locally.

Waste, as a raw material, is a complex material to process. At Miklum we face this challenge and develop work processes. Our designs are adjusted for serial production, offering a continuous solution for waste management.

We design exhibitions, shops and other commercial and private spaces, using our products.

Our initiative operates in Israel and Germany, in cooperation with local ministries and environmental organizations.

Our main objective at Miklum has been to make a social-environmental change through design.
We thought, how can we make a product without adding waste to our environment, and with possibly even reducing it? We joined hands with product designers and challenged them to use waste to create a new, functional product. Here are the results.