The 'Frank' Cube – 100% reused

A modular shelving system. The Franks are self standing cubes. When set together, they function as many different things, depending on the space size, shape and need.

The Frank cubes are made of wood planks from old furniture, closets and doors. These are collected from the streets of Givatayim, by the city's local ministry. In their original form, the cubes reflect the original material from which they are made, and usage signs are clearly visible. These signs emphasize the fact that they are made of used materials, and give the product character making each cube special on its own. The cubes are also available professionally painted, in which case they don't look so clearly 'used'.

The modularity, a 'green' added value, lets you use the system in different ways and change its shape according to different space sizes. You are welcome to put together the combination you wish, to create an eating area, a space divider, a TV stand, or any other great idea that comes to mind.

All cubes are made in Israel.
They are sold separately.

The Frank design was inspired from Frank Gehry, designed by Oliver Schubbe.